Hailing from the West Country, Joe Kehoe aka Trex has been involved in DNB since the Mid 90s. Promoting, DJing, Flyering...the lot! He has held down residencies in Brighton, Plymouth, London and more.

In 2003 upon moving to London with the pressures of paying rent, he took a step back from DJing and started producing in his spare time. In 2008 Joe decided to really focus on production and properly learn the required techniques to make decent tunes. Moving in to Camden and setting up a studio with musician Ella Jones gave him a more focused and professional approach to his music.

In the past year or so Joe has started to find an exciting vibe to his tunes, his first releases coming on Lockdown Recordings in the shape of 2 EPs. It’s rough but It’s Fair EP and the Chicken Pox EP. Most of the tracks on these EP’s have received great support from names such as Bailey, Grooverider, Marcus Intalex, Total Science, Need for Mirrors, AI, and Asides.

2011 should see Joe take more steps towards fulfilling his potential as a recognised and talented producer in the scene, with more releases coming on Ingredients, Lockdown and deals awaiting confirmation on other recognised Labels.