Medics are two brothers originally for Herefordshire in the West Midlands, now residing in Brighton. They found music from an early age, both playing various instruments through childhood, and finally settling on guitar and bass guitar in their early teens. The brothers were playing in several covers and originals bands when they discovered Drum and Bass, which immediately made an impact on them.

After finishing college in Hereford, both brothers went to study music at degree level. This is when the passion for Drum and Bass really developed. Whilst studying, they started building up a vinyl collection and mixing as much as possible. It wasn’t long before they wanted to start writing and producing Drum and Bass, so they invested in a Mac and Logic Pro and were on their way.

In Autumn 2009 they decided that making music was all they wanted to do and set about making things happen. Since then, Medics have been on a steep learning curve in the studio and have honed their skills rapidly. By doing this they have caught the attention of several industry names and have secured releases on respected labels.