While he may be a fresh face to most, 20 year-old south-west producer Locksem (Alex Loxham) is no stranger to the world of electronic music.

With his first ventures into production and mixing around the age of 14, Locksem went on to promote a string of successful club nights in his home town of Taunton (Somerset), providing a platform for showcasing his skills, and earning him local support.

Since then, Locksem has been working hard to hone his skills. His recent move to Cardiff in order to complete his degree, has led to him earning a residency at the legendary Aperture nights, alongside fellow DJ Resonate.

His obsession with drum and bass and commitment to improving his ability as a producer, has led to him maturing as an artist and the emergence of his own unique sound.

His debut EP (My Turn EP) forthcoming on Lockdown recordings represents a fresh take on the dark sounds that inspired him, and is certainly just the start of things to come.